Road to Residency Program

The Road to Residency is the final state to prepare you for your medical residency in the United States. American Medical Clinicals is here to help pave the way. Through our 6 hour innovative workshops, events and individual consultations, we guide you – step by step – to help prepare you to enter the U.S. healthcare system. Our Road to Residency program includes: Curriculum Vitae (CV) workshops: You’ll will be guided on how to produce a winning CV which will highlight your accomplishments and focus on the areas that medical programs are looking for. Personal Statement workshops:

Interview workshops:

ERAS Guidance workshops:

Network of Hospital Directors Communication workshops:

IMG Friendly Residency Programs:

When you complete our Road to Residency program, you’ll have been exposed to every aspect of entering and completing any U.S. post-graduate educational residency program. You’ll have become a seasoned veteran, and you’ll have the cutting edge needed to not only keep up with your counterparts in residency, but to excel beyond your expected potential. Ready to learn more about our Road to Residency program? Click here to register or contact us today for more details! Register Now