What Our Students & Graduates Say

At American Medical Clinicals, we’re honored and humbled by the impact our services have on the lives of our students and graduates. Read on to learn some of their stories, in their own words.


It was a good clinical and cultural experience. I saw many new educational cases. I was able to see patients, do an assessment, write a note and present the cases. The two physicians were very helpful and are very good. I met a lot of other students during the rotation. The setting in general was student friendly.  

Kamel K.

My Family Medicine rotation was the epitome of rotations and was certainly the best rotation I have had so far. Although it was a Family Medicine rotation, I gained great knowledge in the area of Internal Medicine as well. Dr. T is an exceptional physician and teacher who is very dedicated to medical student education, this was obvious from day 1. I truly believe Dr. T is capable of greatly enhancing the clinical education of medical students, he has definitely improved the quality of mine.  

Colette C., Trinity School of Medicine

J'avais auparavent fait des rotations d'observation dans différents hôpitaux aux Etats-unis (observerships). Ces rotations n'étaient en point considérées comme une expérience médicale aux EU (US clinical experience). Grace à AMC/LAMA, j'ai eu l'occasion de faire un stage pratique avec un Neurologue hautement considéré à Washington DC. J'ai eu l'occasion d'examiner ses patients dans ses différentes cliniques ainsi que dans différents hôpitaux. De plus, par cette rotation j'ai pu établir des liens avec des directeurs de programmes de résidanat dans différents hôpitaux parmi lesquels je cite George Washington Hospital. En général, c'était une expérience profitable, inoubliable.  

Elias S., USEK Medical School, Lebanon

My clinical experiences were great to say the least. I really benefited a lot and gained valuable clinical and work experience. I was able to rotate in hospitals as well as in clinics and offices. Through this experience I became a more mature and knowledgeable future medical doctor. I would like to thank the doctors whom I rotated with, AMC, and most importantly both Dr. Saade and Dr. Hallak for all the hard work they performed and for providing me with the best environment to learn and have a fruitful experience. It was a definite pleasure having to work with the AMC staff and would love to do that at any time. I am looking forward to my match this year and I shall always keep you updated with what is going on concerning this aspect.  

Ahmad Y., American University of Beirut

AMC impressed me with their efficient professional manner, an approach that not only inspired confidence, but also generated the results I was looking for. I wanted to do clinical rotations in the U.S., and I was confused about how, where and which hospitals to apply for until I heard about AMC. By partnering with AMC, I was able to receive a letter of invitation from Specialty Hospital of Washington DC in a short period of time. Now that I finished my rotations, I found the program as described and even beyond my expectations. AMC gave me the opportunity to make connections with U.S. attendings, residents and staff. The caring of AMC was very assuring because of their sincere dedication. At last, I have to say I’ve partnered with the true leaders in the clinical rotation program, and I’d like to thank them for all the services and care I received. Thank you AMC.  

Rami Hallak, Faculty of Medicine, Beirut Arab University

Being a FMG has always made me worry about what type of rotations I would be able to get into in the U.S. I thought that I would be getting the bottom of the barrel and that the rotations I would get would not mean anything. Luckily for me this what not the case. My school set me up with AMC. I have never met so many hard working individuals that care about my goals of becoming a physician. Each rotation was custom made to what I needed and what I really wanted to do. Every one of the hospitals and doctors that I worked with were the tops in their field. I always had other student's asking me, "How did you get that rotation?" Whatever rotation that I wanted I got and quickly got it at that. I know that AMC has put me on the right path for where I am headed in my medical career. Without their hard work and their expertise I'm sure I would not be where I am today.  

Christian S., Trinity School of Medicine